1-Day Masterclass of Cloisonne Enamel





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Salome Kikava
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A girl who wants to travel with her workshop.
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Guests spend almost all of their day in a workshop, where they make enamel jewelry by hand according to their own design. Handmade jewelry, which is made by traditional technique is probably the best souvenir one can take from a foreign country. The tour also has a historical side, during which the guests will get familiar with the history of cloisonne enamel and they will see old enamel things, also they will hear about the ancient technique of enamel-making.
The working process is in a calm, pleasant environment and as my guests say, it usually is some kind of a form of meditation, because they get detached from their routine, forget about their problems and discover new possibilities. So it is a new way of relaxing and gaining some confidence. 

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In the price, everything essential is included + traditional Georgian sweets- churchkhela and Georgian wine.

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150 i

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Batumi, Merab Kostava street 22


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