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Greetings my dear friends, today I am gonna describe for you Batumi city. The sunny and modern Batumi is located in a convenient natural Black Sea bay and is not only an important seaport for entire Georgia but also a tourism capital of the country. The romantic picture of ships departure from the harbour is better seen from Batumi Quay. also we will see The “Ali and Nino” moving sculpture, which is definitely one of the most amazing and memorable sights in this Georgian Black Sea resort. In the opinion of the most Batumi visitors “Ali and Nino” is a celebration of true love without boundaries and prejudices. So, in the beginning, we will see that place.

The Old part of the city is especially interesting, most of the houses were built in the XIX century. The architecture of Batumi features the combination of European and Asian styles, the variety of architectural forms. It is possible to see buildings with elements of Georgian, Turkish, Imperial Russian, Soviet, English, French and colonial architectures. So we will see the old part of the city. Europe square, astronomical clock, Batumi dramatic theatre, the statute of Medea and Poseidon statue and etc.

Probably the oldest attraction in Batumi is boulevard, construction of the boulevard began in 1881, when the Governor of the Batumi District assigned the German gardener, Reseller, to create a park alongside the seashore of Batumi Old Town. So it is more than easy to understand what will be our next location, for sure Batumi boulevard. Nowadays, Batumi Boulevard has reached a length of around 7 kilometres and is approximately divided into ‘new’ and ‘old’ boulevards. The original and beautiful park is still here, with the addition of modern sculptures, benches and fountains. In the finishing of our tour, we will see the dancing fountain show. 
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