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David Khurtsilava
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Georgian, English

I am a qualified guide who works specifically around the Soviet Heritage and pastime issues. I am determined to raise awareness about the Soviet-era (specifically 1970s) architectural & mosaic art and save those masterpieces in Georgia. My education is also connected to my job - Cultural Studies / Soviet History studies.Due to the experiences and knowledge gained at Chai Khana and National Geographic Georgia I can provide still unknown and hidden stories about the near past of my country under the Soviet regime. Hopefully, the job I do will help my country to raise awareness about the red terror on one hand and on the other hand will be a lever for some to save the artifacts of those times. 
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During “CONCRETE GIANTS TOUR” in Tbilisi you will experience an extraordinary journey with unforgettable architectural goliaths of the city .
You will hear unbelievable stories about the history of Soviet Georgia and explore the way homo-Sovieticus’ live away from the touristic urban center. You will discover Soviet apartments of Tbilisi and travel with classic SOVIET CAR - LADA 21011.
Here, you will hear more about the recent history of Georgia than anywhere else.
Homo Soviet offers services of professional guide who's life is personally connected with the era that he talks about. The guide will not annoy you with irrelevant historical details.
The above mentioned components will turn this tour into an unique opportunity not only to learn, but to feel the spirit of Soviet era.

რა გავითვალისწინოთ

The places visited will be a bit muddy/dusty

რა წამოვიღოთ

During the tour the guests must have a bottle of water with them.

რა შედის ტურში

The tour includes 5 hours drive around the suburbs of the city. The lunch-break and transportation by Soviet classic car LADA 21011 (included in price)

სტუმრის შეფასება

2019-06-28 14:11:25

The walking tour with David was great. I felt like I got a true understanding of the Soviet era. We went places that I would have never been able to find myself and heard stories along the way that tied everything together.

2019-06-28 14:15:29

Highly recommend! If you like unique and are looking for an active 5 hours you will enjoy this fun look at a lot of the stress sights and neighbourhoods. The Buildings and stories behind them a wonderful, truly works of art. David was specific about details and supplies prior to the trip. During the trip he was informative and had supplies if needed. He was great. With a good spirit you will have a great time.

Ruben Muehlenbruch
2019-07-24 19:27:14

David was a perfect host for this trip. He showed us some really nice parts of the concrete jungle of Tbilisi and gave us some related family insights as well. You can ask him mostly anything about the city and the history of Georgia in general. Not to forget his humouristic potential! He also invited us to some great café where we had a delicious lunch. We really enjoyed driving with him, so, highly recommend and all the best to you, David!


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Rose Revolution Square, in front of the bicycle statue.


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