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Maiko Kavtaradze
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The idea of the museum is to collect old, modern and innovative recipes. Traditional recipes will be preserved along with contemporary chefs’ recipes. The space was created for culinary treasure protection as well as experimenting with innovative ideas, meaning that museum door is wide-open and welcomes everybody. Guests will participate in Georgian national dish preparation master classes and wine tasting. Here you can by Spy Recipe and find handmade souvenirs made by Georgian artists
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In the museum of recipes, the tourists will get to know the history and legends about Georgian culinary and they will see the old and new recipes. The midday masterclass starts at 12:00, the evening one, at 18:00. 

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The guests should book the experience at least one day before.

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Good mood.

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The masterclass includes cooking Khinkalli, beans and eggplant in a friendly environment. The tour also covers tasting red and white wine. also traditional Georgian drink, chacha.

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Pavel Bonacelli
2019-07-19 13:58:14

Amazing master class experience with lovely host and his friends. Learned how to cook several dishes, the history of Georigia cuisine, and tried different wine and chacha. The food was delisious, so as the drinks. Recommend this expereince to anyone who likes cooking and enjoy trying new food.


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თუ მასპინძელი შეწვეტს/გააუქმებს ჯავშანს ან რაიმე მიზეზის გამო ვერ მოახერხებს ტურის ჩატარებას, თქვენ თანხა სრულად დაგიბრუნდებათ.