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Nikoloz Dvalashvili
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Georgian, English, Russian

Head of marketing department of Rustavi international motorpark
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Formula Alfa

If your dream is to be a Formula racer, but your name is neither Vettel nor Räikkönen, the Rustavi Motor park will give you an opportunity to make your dream true only on our track. Our instructors and mechanics will tell you how to drive a Formula Alfa bolide and you will be able to pass the turns of the track with full load.

acceleration 0-100km/ph - 3.4 sec.

Rustavi was the last race track built in the USSR. Opened in 1978, the original Rustavi circuit was 2.5 miles (4.0 km) in length with a width of 18 metres (59 ft) at the start-finish straight, 14 metres (46 ft) in turns and 12 metres (39 ft) in straights. A karting track, automobile cross circuit and motorbike track were also included in the complex, as well as grandstands for 500-800 people. A technical building and hotel were located nearby. The first races took place at the end of 1979. Until 1989 the track hosted eleven USSR Championship events; however, from 1989 until 2009 the track was not maintained and fell into decay.[1] In 2009 the private company[2] Stromos bought the site at a state auction and began redevelopment.

რა გავითვალისწინოთ

Warranty of 800 € per car covering get off circuit damages (security deposit, collected in cash at the motor park)

Crashes and other damages related to driving on run off areas

რა წამოვიღოთ

Suggested to bring gloves and sport shoes 

რა შედის ტურში

• A brief lesson of a professional instructor

• Car rent • Racetrack rent

• Sports tires

• Service of mechanics

• Gasoline

• Helmet and racing suit rent

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Rustavi International Motorparm


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დაჯავშნის შემდეგ, ზუსტი თარიღის შეთახმება შეგეძლებათ მასპინძელთან/გიდთან.

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თუ მასპინძელი შეწვეტს/გააუქმებს ჯავშანს ან რაიმე მიზეზის გამო ვერ მოახერხებს ტურის ჩატარებას, თქვენ თანხა სრულად დაგიბრუნდებათ.