Full Day Private Wine Tour In The cradle of Wine-Kakheti Region (Including Lunch and Several Wine Tastings)



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Journey to Kakheti

An unforgettable journey to the birthplace of wine-Kakheti, starts the moment I pick you up at your hotel. I’m an experienced driver-guide and a wine expert as well. 300 km. long distance driving can be challenging,but I guarantee spending all day ride sharing some funny stories and interesting facts with you. But the storytelling is not what makes this tour so much special. 

Visiting a Local

You’re probably spending money looking forward to tasting the widest range of wines and Chacha,which pairs perfectly with the local traditional meals. That`s why we`re gonna make our first stop in 45 min to visit Gogia, who lives in a beautiful small village. He brings the tastiest cow and sheep cheeses made high in Caucasus Mountains. The cheese is called Guda. Yes-Guda, not Gouda! It has got the distinctive mottled texture and sharp,briny taste(get your napkins ready!). You`ll grab the chance to try traditional Georgian baked bread called Shoti. Gogia bakes them inside a deep circular oven called Tone. This is gonna be a perfect start of the day. Gogia may offer you to taste his homemade Chacha as well, but be aware, if you don`t want to get drunk that fast-it tends to be 50% alc. or even more.

Tasting Churchkhela 

Ohh,wait… what are those candle-shaped,little brown things hanging there along the road? We must definitely make another stop to try Churchkhela, which is jokingly called “Georgian Snickers”. It`s traditional favorite snack made from grape must,nuts and flour.Hope, you`re not allergic to nuts! 

Sighnaghi + Lunch

We keep heading towards Sighnaghi,where we`re going to try organic wines and enjoy picturesque views of the Alazani valley. If you suddenly decide to stay, remember that we didn't even pass the half of our route.We should set out for the north to have lunch and try some homemade wine accompanied with Georgian traditional dishes like Mtsvadi (barbecue),Khachapuri and vegetables as well. The atmosphere is going to be so familiar, that we`ll be stuck there for an hour or even more.


Have you ever seen the wine cellar carved into the rock? This is a secret underground tunnel built in Kvareli to serve as a bomb shelter in case of nuclear attack,which has never been put to the test. After that some genius men decided to turn it into a storehouse for wine. Regardless of the season,the shelter maintains its internal temperature of 12-14°C ,which is perfect for storing wine. After tasting different varieties of wine, you can bye what you like the most.
Our beautiful journey comes to an end.We will head back to Tbilisi in another route just because not to get bored. We`re going to pass city Telavi and a beautiful forest,which is especially alluring in autumn. I`ll bring you back to the hotel,but consider that you can keep on partying in Tbilisi.
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