Jungle Mystery (Escape Room)





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Irakli Ochigava
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Georgian, English

Hello! I am Irakli. The escape rooms in Georgia are one of the best ways to have the best time on your trip. These adventurous activities are for the whole family (10+ or 12+). Our friendly team will make sure you have the best time.
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The price 114 Gel includes from 2 to 5 people.

You got hold of a game that pulls you into an unknown world and puts your life at stake. You are in between the worlds: your attic and wild jungle. Will you be able to return safely? 
In the jungle, you can’t relax even for a second, otherwise, you’ll be eaten by previously unknown wild animals or killed by the local inhabitants. You are being hunted, will you become their dinner? There is no way you will survive the night in this place, so keep playing, you have only one hour left.

Things to consider

1. Only 12+  
2. If your team members are less than 5, people might be added to the group and your team will be even stronger 

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2 Mari Brose Street


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