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Tsotne Shotadze
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Georgian, English

I am Tsotne, I was born in Batumi and still, I love this gorgeous city. I am a student at Batumi State Maritime Academy, I am a future seafarer. My main purpose is to create something new and not just waste time. I enjoy photography because it catches moments I never want to forget, and my life is full of these unforgettable memories. My other interest is travelling, I love modern areas, historical parts and culture they own are more important for me. That is why I traveled Europe and Asia many times. I’ve been working with tourists for 4 years, so I have a huge experience and I know what is the most important thing for the foreigners.
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Georgia is rich with its hydro resources. That’s why I suggest a tour near Batumi where we will see three beautiful waterfalls. In the first part of our tour we will see a waterfall which is located near the Georgian-Turkish border. Next, we will see a beautiful waterfall in the village of Makhuntseti, which is about 37 meters high. Here we will also see the arch bridge of Queen Tamar, dated to the 12th century, with a beautiful view over the Adjaristskali River. Our next destination will be the village Mirveti, where we will see the Mirveti waterfall, arch bridge and boxwood alley. At the end of the tour, we will see the confluence of the river Chorokhi and Adjaristskali, with their gorgeous p panoramic view. 

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