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Zuka Paresishvili
თქვენი მასპინძელი საუბრობს:

Georgian, English, Russian, German

We are Friends, Zuka and Data and we manage to go out and have fun with our friends almost every night.
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რას მოიცავს ტური

The aim of this tour is for the guest to have the best experience and get to know Tbilisi better.

რა გავითვალისწინოთ

Wherever you go with the host you split the bill and everyone pays for themselves 

რა შედის ტურში

Dinner, alcohol and dancing is special places

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Tom Westermeijer
2019-06-28 15:41:44

I always like travelling around and getting to know some new people. Zuka and his friends are the best people I got to know so far. They are so much fun and very very nice. I really experienced Tbilisi like a local, who goes out almost every night.

Fathi Awad
2019-06-28 15:46:19

I am so glad that I decided to join these people on a night out. They took me to the places, which I wouldn't be able to find by myself, to places where the local Georgian youth goes to have fun, before heading to a club. This was the best day of my trip!


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Liberty Square, In front of city hall


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დაჯავშნის შემდეგ, ზუსტი თარიღის შეთახმება შეგეძლებათ მასპინძელთან/გიდთან.

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თუ მასპინძელი შეწვეტს/გააუქმებს ჯავშანს ან რაიმე მიზეზის გამო ვერ მოახერხებს ტურის ჩატარებას, თქვენ თანხა სრულად დაგიბრუნდებათ.