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Iago Kavtaradze
თქვენი მასპინძელი საუბრობს:

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Our group is the best professional fishers group that has the best experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm in fishing and spending time at the wonderful fishing spots throughout entire Georgia. 
Our purpose is to promote the type of fishing, commonly known as “Sport fishing”. Sport Fishing means fishing purely for pleasure of catching a fish, and later setting it free back into the water in order to have minimal affect on the fish populations and to protect our environment. 
მეტის ნახვა

რას მოიცავს ტური

The tour includes transportation to the fishing spots; full fishing equipment, introducing safety rules; master class from professional fisherman and all kinds of assistance in fishing processes, so you get maximum pleasure and be able to catch fish. We will take memorable photos, videos of you. During or after the tour we will provide you with standard or vegetarian (need to know earlier) dinner/supper. At the end of the tour, we provide your transportation to the desired location.

რა გავითვალისწინოთ

Dress up with the hiking clothes. You must have sun protection cap.

რა წამოვიღოთ

Take the necessary personal items for you.

რა შედის ტურში

schedule of the tour:
8:00 departure. start of tour.
08:00-09:30 time of arrival.
09:30-10:30 safely briefing.
10:30-16-30 fishing time.
17:00-18:30 time for dinner.
18:30-20:00 arrival back. end tour.

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თუ მასპინძელი შეწვეტს/გააუქმებს ჯავშანს ან რაიმე მიზეზის გამო ვერ მოახერხებს ტურის ჩატარებას, თქვენ თანხა სრულად დაგიბრუნდებათ.