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We have horses, we love trail riding on horseback, exploring new routes and sites. Every single horseback riding trip turns to be an incomparable, awesome adventure. Use this delightful chance and indulge your passion for riding... Start your journey on horseback!
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Horseback riding tours around Tbilisi for all levels of riders at any time of the year

About us

Our base is situated in the mountain landscape of unmatched beauty at Trialeti Ridge, in the village of Ghvevi. We have horses, which are high-bred, well-trained and elegant, equipped with a wide range of saddles, crash helmets and saddle-bags. There are forested mountains around, majestically beautiful views, lush vegetation laden with berries, rare species of plants, wild birds and animals.

Tour Itineraries

We offer tailor-made itineraries to suit your requirements and riding abilities. After a brief initial training, even an inexperienced rider would feel confident trail riding on horseback accompanied by our experienced guides while. Tours envisage strolls along wooded paths, climbing up to picturesque hills or leading down to a zigzag pattern of rivers and springs in gorges, as well as some long canters along vast meadows and pastures. After or between rides delicious homemade meal is offered, locally cooked from fresh products. You can also enjoy drinking very special Georgian wine.


There is usually between 2 to 3 hours riding a day with refreshing stops in beautiful places and breaks for lunch.


Just one hour trip from Tbilisi, won't waste your time if you are a lover of great views. This route will take you through gorgeous mountain scenery, which opens up panoramic views and serpentine pathways. Moreover, the last 20 minutes drive is something that amounts to a thrilling Jeep-Trophy experience. 

Photo Shooting

You can take photos yourself, or ask a guide for photo shooting, or even have your photos shot by a skilled professional for an extra charge and enrich your portfolio with vivid and interesting imagery.

რა გავითვალისწინოთ


Dress in an outfit appropriate to a stroll through woods. Give preference to protective clothing, flat shoes or boots.


Inform us whether you would prefer an ordinary or a vegetarian menu.

All children under 6 years is Free.

Aged 6-12 50% discount. 

რა წამოვიღოთ

Guests should carry everything needed for their personal needs. Swimming suit would be appropriate if one would like to get refreshed in the mountain river.

რა შედის ტურში

  • Transportation from Tbilisi and back
  • Initial training (if needed)
  • Trail riding with guides
  • Photo-shooting
  • Meals and drinks

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Joshua Benamou
2019-06-28 15:57:07

THE BEST DAY OF OUR ENTIRE TRIP! Me and my family chose this experience, because we thought it was family-friendly, interesting one, but we never thought we would be so impressed. Everything about it was great, the people, the views, the horses. But the most amazing thing was the experience itself, the perfect mixture of fun, adventure and relaxation. Can't wait to go back!

Tommaso Bruti
2019-06-28 15:58:45

Thank you Tatia and Rati for everything. You really made my and my girlfriend's day unforgettable. This is the real way to experience Georgia and it's beauty.


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