Do I contact the guest before the booking is made?

It is not compulsory to contact the host before booking an experience, but you can contact them if you have some questions or concerns about the experience.

How can I list an experience?

Fill in the form provided by the website. After filling all the necessary fields, our administration will have a look at it and verify you as a host, in case you provide all the necessary information truthfully and to the fullest extent.

How much should I charge for each guest?

The price is up to the host. Try to come up with the best option that is reasonable for both, you and the guest, so that your experience becomes more bookable. Have a look at the similar experiences to get an idea of how to price your experience correctly. Keep in mind that the currency of the website is in GEL.

How do I create a good profile for experience?

Fill in all the compulsory fields, this information helps your future guests to get to know you better.

Come up with new ideas on how to make your experience one of a kind and then write your ideas and suggestions in the description. Try to describe the experience in couple of sentences, but do not miss out the key points that make your XP special.

Make sure that all the information you provide, is truthful. Double-check the fields you fill-in, so that the price, schedule and all other compulsory data is correct..

Pay attention to the field where you fill the information about yourself. Those, who are looking for experiences, also keep in mind how sincere and friendly the host is.

The visual representation is very important, so try to take vivid and beautiful photos of your tour.

How will my addressee receive the gift?

The person you are sending the gift to will get a message on their phone and an email informing them about your present. They will be aware that the experience is open-dated and that they will be able to choose the preferred date.

How will I know that my addressee received my gift?

As soon as the email about your present is sent to the addressee, you get an email informing you that the email and the text message were sent successfully and the recipient can contact the host about the further details.

What if I can’t choose a suitable gift from the list of experiences?

If you are unable to find the gift you had in mind, write to us from “Create a Special Gift” board and we will costumize a unique experience just for you!

Can I edit my Experience after it’s published?

The visual representation is very important, so try to take vivid and beautiful photos of your tour.